Audit Documentation

Demonstrate Compliance and Excellence

Developing and distributing effective outreach materials that meet public awareness and safety requirements are just part of the outreach process. You need to fully document what you’ve done. Not solely for the sake of satisfying auditors, but in order to manage a successful, sustainable, and continuously improving public safety program.

Partner with Safety Experts

Culver Company’s Strategic Services Group (SSG) regularly works with utility safety managers, compliance officers, and industry experts like OSHA subcommittee members and utility insurers, in order to develop best-in-class public outreach programs. As a result, we possess a unique perspective when it comes to compiling related audit documentation. What’s more, our experience and expertise allows us to compile this information quickly and efficiently.

Receive Critical Data and Full Audit Support

In addition to dedicated databases, secure online reporting, electronic dashboards, and personal updates, in the event of an audit our SSG provides you with full support, providing crucial information, such as:

  • Audience demo- and firmo-graphics
  • Contact records and audience summaries
  • Certification statements including USPS 3602 forms
  • API RP 1162 baseline and supplemental activity documentation
  • Multilingual documentation
  • Geo-targeting reports and mapping overviews
  • Sample communications

Our documentation process exceeds the minimum requirements for compliance so that you can be sure that you’re well represented. Documentation is available in hard copy, digital, and in secure web-based reports so that you can access it when you need it. Additionally, we perform regular back-ups so that your critical information is safely archived.

For further information, or to discuss ways we can help you with compliance audit documentation, contact us at