The Culver Model

Pyramid depicting Changed Behavior Equaling Changed ResultsWhat Does Your Outreach Program Deliver?

Companies have lots of traditional compliance measurements to track their outreach activities, but they are not conclusive measures. Traditional metrics measure loss. But the traditional approach makes it hard to measure the true cost of an accident, since the costs are scattered across the company.

Most compliance programs foster a culture of loss. But a shift is taking place. Your company needs to take an integrated approach when evaluating the true cost of an accident.

How can you change your view of the problem? You must focus your attention on prevention.

Culver Company can work with you to build upon a common vision to create customer-focused, cost-effective programs that are defensible across all jurisdictions.

You Can Benefit from the Culver Model.

The Culver Model is a model of prevention. At the base are the touches – the outreach efforts, which focus not only on reach, but also on quality interactions. Specific kinds of touches generate awareness in specific groups of individuals, which they put into practice. Over time this causes these audiences to change their behavior.

How Does It Work?Efficient, Effective, Sustainable

We help you develop and execute a targeted prevention-based program to reach your goals. The activities your program achieves will change behavior, which can be validated through documented results. The programs we develop using the Culver Model have three main characteristics:

  1. Efficient: Connect, communicate, and collaborate across the company to create a systematic program that meets everyone’s needs and avoids redundancies.
  2. Effective: Validate the program’s successes by the metrics we track.
  3. Sustainable: Take the long-range view and create outreach efforts that will occur over time and will live through budget cycles.

Our programs are designed to reflect your culture, which shouldn’t tolerate unsafe behaviors, but instead, work to eliminate them.

Our Programs Are Backed by Research.

Culver Company conducts ongoing research to capture data on key at-risk segments such as excavators, sewer workers, tree trimmers, and agricultural workers. The resultant analyses are projectable across these segments and enable you to leverage national data and develop strategies for critical audiences in your service area.

Integrate Your Program.Gas Ops and Electric Ops Unified in an Integrated Public Safety Prevention Program

If you are to make a real impact on your business, you must have a targeted program that is efficient, effective, and sustainable year over year. We can help you design a public outreach program that uses tools that speak to your audience and will produce data that delivers results.

We take a total view of prevention. The advantage of the Culver Model is that it’s not just about gas safety or about electric safety – it’s about public safety.

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