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Water Currents News - September 2015

Help Prevent Fires and Protect Water Supplies

October is National Fire Prevention Month

Fire prevention is intertwined with water conservation on several fronts. First, wildfires, which are prevalent in drought-stricken areas, damage soil while producing ash and debris that can pollute rivers and reservoirs. Restoring these watersheds takes decades and millions of dollars, dramatically increasing the cost of water distribution and treatment.

Additionally, firefighting requires the use of water. In order to maintain proper capacity, it is necessary for many areas of the country to take water-conservation measures.  

According to a report by the U.S. Fire Administration, “without adequate and reliable water supplies at fire hydrants, the best-trained firefighters with the best of equipment have only a very limited opportunity of extinguishing a hostile fire.  It is essential that community officials monitor the community water system’s performance capability constantly.”     

In many areas of the country, water utilities are authorized to recover public fire protection costs through rate increases. Thus fire prevention and water conservation can both contribute to lower utility bills for customers.

Many water utilities around the country are taking advantage of National Fire Prevention Month to promote water conservation. Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), October is National Fire Prevention Month. The month begins with Fire Prevention Week which commemorates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 that resulted in 250 deaths and 100,000 homeless residents as well as the destruction of more than 17,400 homes and buildings. The fire began on October 8 and continued to rage the following day, when most of the damage occurred. Since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed during the week of October 9. 

National Fire Prevention Month is an opportunity to capitalize upon the shared focus of organizations across the country in order to promote water conservation and quality. In regions suffering through drought conditions, conservation efforts by customers can make a big impact on water supply.

Resources that educate residents, students, and their families about water conservation can make a big difference in your community. Useful manuals and guides are essential resources that are kept on hand for regular reference. It's also important that students learn important water concepts at an early age. This National Fire Prevention Month, consider distributing one of the following resources in your community. Imprint it with your custom message about fire prevention and water protection.

  • Water Conservation Brochure (#43040)
  • Use Water Wisely Wheel (#82344)
  • Water Conservation Slideguide (#84115)
  • Be a Water Saver! Coloring Book (#37820)
  • Water Quality Slideguide (#84110)
  • Water: A Vital Resource Brochure (#43050)


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