e-SMARTkids Websites

e-SMARTkids is a one-stop educational hub on your utility’s website for kids, teachers, and parents.

Google the term e-SMARTkids to view live sites and get ideas of how the design and content can be tailored to your utility.

With e-SMARTkids it’s easy to help schools and families

  • Learn about energy—and how to stay safe and use energy wisely
  • Find out about your utility’s current programs and news
  • Connect with your utility and send in comments

See the answers to 5 frequently asked questions about e-SMARTkids.

Strengthen your community presence and brand

Many utility public outreach managers are being asked by management to find new ways to interact with customers online and build a community with local teachers and schools.

  • e-SMARTkids can be adapted by your company as a seamless addition to your current web offerings. It adjusts to your changing web needs.
  • e-SMARTkids has space for your materials, materials from other sources, and Culver Company’s ready-to-go games, videos, home inspections, tips, kids club, and more. We can help you manage the content and we have plenty of it for you to choose from.
  • e-SMARTkids includes regular reports of web metrics so you can demonstrate results.

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