First Responder Beware Website

Help protect your first responders

Support your first responders and keep them safe around electrical hazards, even when you don’t have time to visit every station to train them.

Every detail of this website was reviewed by industry and utility experts as well as many first responders and trainers of first responders. The First Responder Beware website is designed to align with the unique and very specific learning needs of first responders. When they see your website, they’ll recognize that it’s credible safety information that they can trust with confidence for use in the many life-threatening situations they face in their jobs.

For self study and for presenter-led trainings

The First Responder Beware website includes a slide show, online materials, and a trainer’s guide. You can include an offer to allow your first responders to request training materials from you.

Culver also offers a First Responder Beware book for study, a brochure and visor cards for first responders to keep in their vehicles for reference, and a poster that serves as a visual reminder of the most important safety points. We also offer electric-gas combination versions of printed safety materials.

Help support and protect those who protect the people in your service area, by adding First Responder Beware to your utility’s website.

Learn more

For information about customization, hosting options, or the affordable per-meter licensing price and nominal setup cost, call Culver Company at 800-428-5837 between 9:00 and 5:00 eastern time weekdays. Or click here to send us a question.