Measurable Results from Public Safety

Sometimes public safety outreach doesn’t work

We talked to a public safety manager whose utility has over 40,000 at-risk contractors in its service area. The utility was experiencing a recurring problem with a specific type of incident.

Unfortunately, the utility’s public safety outreach effort hadn’t reduced its accident rate—or the associated costs.

We see this over and over

The reason for this safety manager’s frustration is that the safety outreach wasn’t strategically directed at reducing accidents with those specific contractor companies in mind.

Public safety outreach can reduce accidents—measurably

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When a utility’s biggest problem is with contractors, messaging must be tailored and directed to the at-risk contractors who represent the largest risk.

For example: A message about hand-digging directed to the contractors who work in the trenches is more likely to prevent a contractor accident than a broad message about 811 sent to everyone across a service area.

Culver Company has helped public safety managers make measurable reductions in incidents by aligning their outreach with claims, incidents, and a targeted audience of at-risk contractors.

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