Culver Company Launches Award-Winning e-Learning Solutions for Utility Public Safety Outreach

Boston, MA – March 24, 2015 – Culver Company has combined its long-standing experience in safety curriculum development with the latest Web technologies to launch new e-learning solutions for utility public safety. The company introduced certificate-based e-learning programs in response to utility companies that wished to provide in-depth public safety training. These custom e-learning websites include subject-specific modules, self-paced learning, multimedia content, and evaluative testing. The company’s model is exemplified in the recently launched National Grid First Responder Utility Safety Training Website—an e-learning program developed with National Grid and awarded “Best in Class”,  the top honor in the 2014 Interactive Media Awards. In addition to formal e-learning programs, Culver offers e-solutions such as streaming video, online quizzes, and interactive presentations, as public safety program enhancements for utilities looking to bolster their face-to-face presentations or the effectiveness of their websites.

According to Director of Content Wendy Ellyn, “Formal, certificate-based e-learning was the next logical step for us in the evolution of our public safety education programming. Such programs—characterized by structured learning modules, unit reviews, comprehensive testing, and completion certificates—are highly effective. Generally speaking, e-learning technologies allow us to fully harness the power of our content. These technologies combine the written word, audio narration, video, and interactive tools to bring learning to a whole new level.”

“For utilities, e-learning offers broader reach and the ability to execute consistent safety education time and time again. It also provides the ability to measure website traffic, a user’s time spent learning, and the number of program completions. For end-users—professionals with busy schedules—e-learning programs offer more control through self-paced learning. Furthermore, with the prominence of mobile devices and broad connectivity, e-learning allows people to train anywhere, anytime, at their convenience. We’re proud to be in the company of other progressive institutions that have introduced formal e-learning programs of study and to offer this innovation as a part of our comprehensive public safety programs,” concluded Ellyn.

About Culver Company

Culver Company, the market leader in utility public safety outreach, is a privately held company specializing in public safety issues, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, and other outreach initiatives for utility companies, including electrical safety, damage prevention, and RP 1162 pipeline public awareness. The consultancy has focused on utilities for over 30 years and works with electric, natural gas, and water utilities across the United States and internationally. Culver’s public safety outreach programs reach millions of at-risk students, educators, third-party contractors, and emergency responders each year. The company’s mission is to help create unique environments that help utilities educate and improve the communities they serve. For more information on Culver Company, please visit

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