Culver Company Shares Expertise Integrating Public Safety and Risk Management at Annual Utility Conference

San Francisco, CA – April 21, 2016 – Due to rapid industry change, utility companies face new exposures and the need to rethink the way risk is managed. In a presentation entitled, Strategic Integration of Public Safety and Risk Management, Culver Company Principal and Lead Strategist, Brennan Culver, recently shared a methodology for integrating public safety into enterprise-wide risk management. Culver, along with strategic business partners Kate Leese of Witt O’Brien’s, and Melissa Wood of Advanta Consulting, LLC, addressed members of the Utility Public Safety Alliance (UPSA) at their annual meeting in Charleston, SC, on April 20, 2016. Culver Company and its partners discussed the financial, operational, regulatory, and reputational risks at stake as well as the benefits of program integration. Additionally, they presented data from actual public safety outreach programs and illustrated how that information can be used to mitigate risk, promote continuous improvement and support various parts of an enterprise.

According to Culver, “It’s all about connecting the dots. Silos, disparate programs, decisions made without full knowledge—these practices no longer serve the industry or the public. In fact, a true culture of safety, marked by robust community engagement, is what customers expect and it’s what risk managers and investors seek. The most successful utility companies not only use public safety as a strategic advantage, they embed safety into their culture and their brand. It’s good for the communities they serve and it’s also good business—the numbers support it.”

In the UPSA presentation Culver and partners went on to share national public safety data including: expectations by key at-risk audiences such as first responders, contractors, tree workers, and school children; how these at-risk audiences utilize information; audience-preferred communication channels; public perceptions of utilities who distribute safety information; how recipients of safety information influence others; and how public safety data can be utilized with internal and external stakeholders to close performance gaps, reduce risk, and connect the dots throughout an organization resulting in financial, operational, regulatory, and reputational benefits. For more information about UPSA, its annual meeting, and conference presenters, please visit

About Culver Company

Culver Company, the market leader in utility public safety outreach, is a privately held company specializing in public safety issues, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, and other outreach initiatives for utility companies, including electrical safety, damage prevention, and RP 1162 pipeline public awareness. The consultancy has focused on utilities for over 35 years and works with electric, natural gas, and water utilities across the United States and internationally, including Canada and New Zealand. Culver’s public safety outreach programs reach millions of at-risk students, educators, third-party contractors, and emergency responders each year. The company’s mission is to help create unique environments that help utilities educate and improve the communities they serve. For more information on Culver Company, please visit

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