Be an Energy Saver! Coloring Booklet

Be an Energy Saver! Coloring Booklet
Grades pre–K to 2, #37890

Designed for pre-kindergarten through second-grade students, this fun booklet encourages children to save energy by presenting easy-to-understand conservation tips in the coloring pages. These top energy-saving tips include "Turn off the lights! Keep the lights off when nobody is using them." and "Close the fridge! Decide what you want before you open the door." It's an entertaining way to get an important message across to youngsters and demonstrates your commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.
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Length: 8 Pages; Item Size: 8 1/8"w x 10 5/8"h; Imprint area: 4"w x 3/4"h; Color: as shown; Imprint color: black

Made in AmericaRecycled paper printed with EnviroTech® ink