Proof That Utility Public Outreach Prevents Accidents

Have you ever wondered if your public safety education makes a difference? Or needed to express why safety is a core value at your utility?

Victoria and Keira both saved their families’ lives, thanks to educational outreach materials provided by their utilities. Listen to their stories here.


Victoria Rosas, Part 1 (Click to watch the video.)
Victoria and her parents tell what happened on the day a power line went down in their yard during a storm.

Victoria Rosas, Part 2 (Click to watch the video.)
Victoria shows how she learned what to do to keep her family safe.


Keira Gray (Click to watch the video.)
Keira and her mom describe what Keira did to keep her family and neighbors safe when she recognized a natural gas leak outside.


As a direct result of what they learned in the classroom from their utilities, each girl took decisive action that prevented a serious accident.

Your public outreach does prevent accidents and save lives.

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