Culver Company has been involved with RP 1162 since its inception—working with utility public safety program managers, regulators, risk managers, and insurers.

Our natural gas pipeline safety programs are specifically designed to exceed PHMSA RP 1162 standards, going beyond baseline messaging and other requirements to provide additional safeguards to your stakeholders and produce a complete picture of your company’s plan for continuous improvement and commitment to pipeline public awareness and natural gas safety.

In addition to a detailed documentation process for every one of your projects, our comprehensive reports include detailed information by stakeholder audience such as participation rates, knowledge retention, and changed behaviors. The web-based data tracking and metrics, accessible to your entire internal team, include data surrounding:

  • Program development procedures
  • Identification of key stakeholder audiences
  • Message content
  • Delivery frequency
  • Message delivery method
  • Baseline program enhancement
  • Program documentation and recordkeeping
  • Program evaluation and effectiveness

Our programs are designed to deliver and document success with systematic tracking and reporting, and effective metrics that satisfy regulators and ensure complete PHMSA filings.