Fulfilling your pipeline public awareness program (PPAP) requirements for the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 1162 (RP 1162) is a massive task. Your programs have to not only be thoughtful, targeted, and effective, but must also comply with stringent documentation and evaluation requirements.

Culver Company draws upon more than 45 years’ solid industry research and experience to create educational and training materials that communicate the right message to reach your key audiences in a language and format that helps them engage, comprehend, and recall information. Since the enactment of RP 1162, we’ve worked with regulators, risk managers, and insurers to make certain our content and delivery approach exceeds standards, stands up to scrutiny, and helps keep target stakeholders safe.

We take a comprehensive approach with your team to collect all of your natural gas assets, develop specific content, identify all program pipelines, and determine related stakeholder audiences. We boast the most comprehensive list building methodology in the industry—utilizing multiple data sources, exhaustive verification techniques, and other validation tools to ensure that we identify and reach all of your key stakeholders.

Your outreach programs are then engineered with an evaluation plan and assessment tools to monitor and record data throughout every phase to measure the impacts of program participation, knowledge retention, and changes in behavior. Our data collection, analysis, and reporting help shape a continuous improvement program not merely to satisfy compliance, but to help you create an effective, sustainable, prevention-based public safety outreach program that ultimately reduces pipeline accidents.