Whether you need a complete overhaul of your public educational safety outreach web pages or just some fresh content, we’re ready to help. With valuable information tailored for your key stakeholders—contractors, first responders, students, parents, and teachers—your brand-aligned website can become a favorite online customer destination in support of your company goals.

Our web and electronic offerings address topics such as safety, energy, and conservation education, in formats appropriate for each audience.

Available materials include:

  • Streaming videos
  • Activity Sheets and Interactive Games for kids
  • Articles and tips
  • Lesson guides for teachers
  • Pre-tests and post-tests for teacher assessment of student learning
  • Online presentations for third-party contractors and emergency responders
  • Surveys
  • Online learning and certification
  • Newsletter content and design
  • Eblast content and design
  • And much more—just ask!

Targeted, brand-aligned educational websites

If you’re thinking it might be time to add a new, targeted educational outreach section, why not take advantage of our expert resources? We’ve got modular, ready-to-roll web content, and design specialists who will help you seamlessly integrate the new material into your online brand identity.

We also offer a wide range of companion outreach booklets, brochures, and visor cards that complement these websites and support your outreach efforts.

We offer three flexible websites that can be customized to meet the specific safety requirements of your service territory and regulatory environment:


A fun, engaging resource where students can learn about electrical and natural gas safety and sustainability

With videos, interactive games, experiments, and activities that educate and entertain, e‑SMARTkids includes messaging targeted exclusively for the K-6 educational community, students, and students’ families.

The material is delivered in a colorful and energetic style that captures and holds the interest of young customers-to-be. It’s designed to:

  • Teach students (and parents) how to recognize, prevent, and respond to utility emergencies
  • Encourage students and families to become more involved with your energy, conservation, and environmental sustainability messaging
  • Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to the health, welfare, and sustainability of the communities you serve—employees, local officials, and government policymakers

First Responder Beware®

Vital hazard awareness education for firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders

Featuring comprehensive content developed with the assistance of the firefighting and utility safety training community, First Responder Beware is a vital online training resource for at-risk front-line response personnel. In addition to the structured modular curriculum, the site includes valuable train-the-trainer tools, safety videos, and links to other safety resources.

Course materials address both electrical and natural gas safety and hazard-awareness, including:

  • Electrical safety basics
  • The electric distribution system
  • Fires involving electrical facilities
  • Dealing with downed power lines
  • The properties and characteristics of natural gas
  • The natural gas delivery system
  • Gas incident response

Worker Beware®

Safe work practices and accident prevention training for anyone working around overhead and underground electric and natural gas utilities

Our Worker Beware websites contain essential safety and risk mitigation training for at-risk third-party contractors and workers. Culver Company can apply your safety requirements in this website resource. Or, if you don’t have any specific requirements, you can still leverage our best in class content.

The site demonstrates overhead and underground utility safe-work practices and includes:

  • Safety trainer’s guides in English and Spanish
  • Training slide shows in English and Spanish
  • Presenter’s notes/instructions in English and Spanish
  • How to dig safely, as well as how to work safely around overhead power lines
  • Case studies illustrating the dos and don’ts of working safely around utility assets
  • Online safety quiz

We also provide access to streaming versions of Culver Company’s Worker Beware series of electrical and natural gas public safety educational videos.

Ongoing content management and reporting included

For each of our safety educational websites, Culver Company will handle hosting, ongoing maintenance, and content updates—so there’s no additional work for your IT team. We’ll even secure a unique website domain name if you wish. Online usage reports, via a secure dashboard, provide valuable insight into online traffic and site usage.

Let’s talk about your next web project

Request a demo of one of our existing website resources or tell us what you have in mind. We can show you how we can make your public safety website development process faster, less painful, and more cost-effective than doing it yourself in-house. Contact us.